When we pick up a newspaper to get the latest news occurring in the world, we also find several types of advertisements. Advertisements are a form of marketing communication used to persuade an audience into buying goods or services. Revenues from the sales of advertising pay for the costs of newspaper production. This is why they play an important role in Newspapers. There are two types of newspaper advertising-corporate and classified. However, the advertising is not always the same in all newspapers. Some target certain ethnic groups and translated into other languages as well. For example, El Diario being a Spanish newspaper we find corporate and classified advertisements that relate to the Latino/Hispanic community. We can find advertisements about immigration law firms, and other product and services advertising in Spanish. Also, The Jewish Press contains mostly classified advertisements that attract their religious communities and their people. Whereas, The New York Times contains several different advertisements that does not target any specific ethnic group. For example, Apple is one of the biggest advertising used in New York Times, because it attracts readers of different ethnic groups. Comparing these three different newspapers would give a better understanding on why the reader determineS what is being advertised in newspapers.

Abstract #2

Almost all newspapers have formulated their business models in a similar fashion during the last century. Their generated income has stemmed from providing either free or low cost news to its subscribers; while augmenting their income with advertisements from companies. Due to the fact that each newspaper has their own audience, companies can choose which newspaper their advertisement may have the most impact. A company like VISA would choose to do a multipage spread advertisement in the Wall Street Journal; rather than posting a small corner Ad in the Bronx Times Reporter.

The Bronx Times reporter understands the audience they cater to; So, it would be beneficial for both the newspaper and an organization like Belmont District Management Association, organizers of the Bronx’s Feast of Saint Anthony, to have a front page ad in that newspaper. A newspaper like El Diario would seek to get advertisements from companies who closely relate to the latino community. Goya would be their ideal candidate for a continual partnership. Targeting what keeps their audience captive is the only way that newspapers can establish and grow their respective organizations.

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Abstract #2

The way that newspapers are able to provide a salary for their staff is through advertising and classifieds. This paper will explore the advertisements and classified section of three newspapers: The New York Times, The New York Carib News and the America Oggi.

The New York Times is one of the best selling newspapers in the world, with a New York Edition, a U.S. national edition, A european edition, and an Asian edition. Their classifieds are diverse and general as well as their advertisements. The New York Carib News is a newspaper dedicated to providing news to the caribbean diaspora in New York City. While they don’t have a classifieds section they do have ethnically specific advertisements as well as local business ads. The America Oggi is an Italian language newspaper dedicated to the New York City Italians. Their classifieds section and ads are either in Italian or English and deal with mostly Italian-American run businesses.








Abstract Assignment 2:

Though many newspapers, both mainstream and ethnic, follow a similar template when it comes to presenting the advertisement and classifieds section, the content can differ significantly. In my research, I explored those differences as well as the similarities.  The newspapers used in my research include The New York Post, The Irish Echo, and The Jewish Press.  You will find that certain ethnic newspapers, such as The Irish Echo, cater more towards their main target audience which are the Irish and Irish-Americans.  For example, while meeting with some people of this ethnicity in an Irish dominated section of The Bronx, I noticed that most of the men coming from work were carrying hard hats and wearing dirty jeans and shirts.  When asked about the kind of work they do, the men listed job titles such as iron worker, masonry, project manager, brick layer, etc.  These job descriptions correlated to my findings within the classifieds section of The Irish Echo which included the same titles.  When researching The Jewish Press, I found their job listings to be much more diverse.  With that said, I did find advertisements for Bar Mitzvah services. The New York Post also presented a wide array of job postings and advertisements, including some that were more specific in content.  For example, there was a job listed that explicitly asked for Spanish speaking people to apply.  The research goes further to explain the relevance that culture and readership played in determining how these newspapers differed.





Assignment #2 Part #1

Laura Pozo

Abstract #2

By comparing these three newspapers, The Chief, Daily News and El Dario, I have noticed that all three have a very high number of advertisements offering many different services and goods. These are all about cars’ dealers, TV shows, homes, pets, medical and legal services, clothing, and phone stores, spiritual services, travel agencies, cab companies, the lottery, colleges, beauty school and apps for smart devices. Ads are found from the beginning to the end of each newspaper and which cover a small portion or even a full page of it. As far as the classified sections, these have many jobs’ positions available for the public for many different companies, stores, and more. In the Spanish newspaper, ads and the classified sections are all written in Spanish unlike the English newspaper where some of these are written in English and some other in Spanish. I also noticed that ads and the articles are somehow related. As for example in one of the pages of El Diario, there was an article of immigration and next to it there was also an immigration lawyers ad. These are all targeting the readers to consume their products and services and it is very interesting how these are spread throughout its pages.



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Abstract and Bibliography-Unit 2


For this assignment, I reviewed the advertisements in mainstream newspaper, The New York Times, the Jewish-American newspaper New Jersey Jewish News, and the Italian-American newspaper, America Oggi. The overall layout of the advertisements is the same in all three newspapers. However, the advertisements content is not the same. America Oggi and the New Jersey Jewish News have corporate advertisements and classified sections in which the advertisements relate to their retrospective ethnic groups in some way. Whereas, The New York Times’ corporate advertisements and classified advertisements do not relate to any specific ethnic group in the US. The New York Times and the New Jersey Jewish News’ advertisements are in English, whereas in America Oggi some of the advertisements are in English and some are in Italian (The New York Times, New Jersey Jewish News, & America Oggi). I choose to review the two ethnic newspapers because I wanted to see how their retrospective ethnic groups affected their advertising content and their advertising layout.


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Assignment 1

Languages have led to have new technology for the media today. Media has made a break way for the new generation of people. I have chosen three types of newspapers articles New York Daily, El Pais, and El Diario, written into two types of languages English and Spanish. Technology has given people to move much faster with communication. It has made the world advance in knowing what’s going on in our own community.

Today in America, languages are extremely important.  The New York Daily reports news, politics, entertainment, sports, and opinions. This newspaper is local compare to international news. It has a focus on sports and entertainment. I understand that people today have a common interest in entertainment than serious news.  New York daily has a mainstream approach in presenting their news to people.  People tend to favor reading the New York Daily because it gives a modern way of delivering news.   The sports in the New York Daily have way of providing local information of what’s going on in community.

El Diario is newpaper that focus on its local community. It has way of approaching more about politics.  The politics that El Diario shows interest is about its country, education, and economy. It has a way of showing its viewers more about its society.  This newspaper has an interest about local news than international news. The newspaper has significance about Dominican Republic than any other countries. This is important because gives people a insight of what this newspaper is all about.  I believe it carries its own style to make its readers to get information on its environment.

Whereas, El Paris reports international news, politics, economic, culture, social events, and sports.  This newspaper has preferences on international news than local news. It mentions about political and journalistic challenges.  It covers society impacts around the world.  I think it provides information about the government to its culture.  People can really find the main issue that is going on there in the own country. This is not close to mainstream or ethnic news.  It has a more aboard approach to it viewers.

Nevertheless, all three newspapers have some things in common. They all share interest of what’s important to them.  Although they have some local parts or international parts, they want to give their viewer the best information they can find. In my opinion, most of the newspapers today are reporting in their own style of entertainment. I feel that ethic or more common newspapers, try to report the news to fit the interest of the people, instead of news itself. If newspapers try to report the news instead of trash then we would have a better of society today. We as people would treat people fair and kind instead of the other way around.

Overall, I feel that United States, local, and other international news have different way of how they approach to there own audience. All three newspapers had faced different types of problems inside their culture, education, and media. Even though, we as people are faced with different issued, we can’t let that stop us from doing what’s right or wrong. At the end of the day we need different types of news media to know what’s going in the world.

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Mainstream vs Ethnic Newspapers

In a world where digital resources have virtually taken over, newspapers are still finding ways to captivate the attention of their respective audiences. In New York City, there are countless newspapers in circulation at any given time that are catered towards many different types of people. These newspapers are targeted towards various audiences, ethnicities, and interests, including national issues, specific neighborhoods, nightlife, real estate, hobbies, and ethnic groups.

According to the United States Census, as of 2013 there were approximately 8,405,837 people living in New York City, which does not even include the thousands of tourists who visit New York each day. 48% of people speak a language other than English at home. In a city with millions of people, our news and entertainment has to be just as diverse as we are.

As the Baruch College NYC Data website shows, there are over 80 ethnic and foreign language newspapers in circulation in New York City. Two examples of these papers include the NY Carib News and the Italian Tribune. There are also a handful of mainstream newspapers that are circulated daily in New York City, one of which is the New York Times, I will explore which topics each paper covers, point out the differences and similarities with their reporting and what they can learn from each other.

The New York Times is a daily newspaper that was established in 1851 by the New York Times Company. According to their mission, he New York Times strives to “enhance society by creating, collecting, and distributing high-quality news and information.” It is one of the most recognized and well known newspapers in circulation today. Some of the topics covered in the New York Times include New York news, national and international news, politics, technology, health, opinions/op-eds, business, editorials, sports, the arts, science, styles, home and more.

The international section of the New York Times features content from all over the world and has sections for each continent where it discusses the top issues of each region. The national news section covers issues all over the country and the New York metro news section covers issues that relate to the New York and tri-state areas. Since it covers an assortment of topics, the New York Times has a wide audience and can appeal to a variety of people.

The New York Carib News is a weekly national newspaper that has been around for over 32 years. It strives to bring African Americans and people from the Caribbean together while telling their story and sharing information in an accurate and reliable way. They share information about the Caribbean and African American communities, national and political issues, and issues that affect the African diaspora.

Some of the topics that the NY Carib News covers are youth and education, politics, religion, opinion, health, business, lifestyle, dining, travel, arts, and more. Since the newspaper is dedicated towards African Americans and West Indians, a majority of their stories are directly related to their audience. Some examples are how they cover current events of countries in Africa and the West Indies, and current events going on in New York City that directly affect them.

The Italian Tribune has been one of the nation’s largest Italian American weekly newspapers since 1931. The majority of their readers are in the northeast, but the paper gets mailed to subscribers across the nation. The Italian Tribune serves as a link to the Italian American community and the heritage of their ancestors. Their stories are primarily written for the Italian American community, and include news and events that relate to their targeted audience. The Italian Tribune covers various topics such as Italian politicians and entertainers, Italian history and attractions, featured stories on historical Italian Americans, and typical categories such as leisure, travel and food.

In terms of content, I think that all three newspapers do a great job at catering towards their target audiences. Their readership has stayed strong and continued to increase because they remain consistent, relatable to their audiences, and cover a wide variety of topics that their audience cares about.

I noticed a few differences with the content within each paper, including differences in the leisure categories. The New York Times has separate sections for its leisure categories – art, style, home, and travel. As I analyzed the Arts section of their website, the bold and bright pictures, video, and events section stands out. The style section features interviews, historical stories, international fashion sections, and eye catching slideshows of the latest international fashion shows and trends. The printed version of these sections always feature captivating photographs with intriguing text. The New York Carib News has an interesting art and entertainment section where they cover local events and art stories, as well as international events as well. The art and entertainment section on their website is scarce, but the printed version of their newspaper features arts and entertainment articles each week. The Italian Tribune’s online leisure section features stories primarily on fashion and Italian history.

I found that while each leisure sections all covered international fashions and trends, all of them were extremely different. Since both the Carib News and the Italian Tribune newspapers are both subscription based and for-profit, I noticed that they didn’t have very much content posted on their websites. They both covered fashion shows and international fashion brands which I thought was interesting because it may not fit their target audience’s interests.

All three papers have websites and a presence on social media. But the Italian Tribune and the NY Carib News do not have websites and social media accounts that are very active, which I think is devastating for the newspapers. They can certainly learn from the New York Times, since the New York Time uses their website and social media channels as a way to promote their articles, engage with their audience, increase their readership worldwide, and gain revenue from advertising while maintaining their subscriptions. The ethnic newspapers can do the same thing, share more content on their site and promote their subscriptions while doing so.

The New York Times website features a clear and clean layout that is easy to read and easy to navigate. The Italian Tribune’s website has a clean and clear layout as well, with an eye-catching sidebar with vivid pictures.  But the website is incomplete and outdated in some areas. The NY Carib News website resembles a blog and is overcrowd, so it can certainly learn from the other two papers in terms of homepage design as well.

The New York Times, the Italian Tribune, and the NY Carib News are all great newspapers who are well respected among their target audiences. The New York Times, which is the mainstream newspaper out of the three, does a great job at covering all interests and attracting a wide variety of people. Their web presence helps them to promote their newspaper and stay afloat in this digital age and certainly helps their papers get recognized worldwide. The New York Carib News is well respected among African Americans and West Indians both in the US and the Caribbean and serves as the bridge between the two. They have a social media presence which they use to promote their stories, but their website is a little distracting, which they could improve. The Italian Tribune serves as the voice of the Italian American community and shares topics are target towards their community. Their website has a great layout but is lacking in content and a social media presence. If the two ethic papers want to survive in this digital age, they should find other ways to captivate their audience and attract new readers.


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Media for the World

Juandy Campos
Introduction to Multilingual Media

Media for the World

New York City is one of the most diverse cities across the world. Here you can find residents that come from the farthest and smallest cities ever imagined. Since it is compromised of mostly immigrants it is important for them to connect to what’s happening back in their home country. When we talk about diversity in NYC ethnicity is definitely a big part of it, but another great thing that separates all New Yorkers is their individuality. The great thing about media is that it is able to cater to all of these different ethnicities and individuals in the world.
Media has become a very powerful voice in all parts of the world. It’s ability to connect people and an event from different parts is astounding. With the use of the Internet, Television, and Print media there is a way to satisfy everyone. Even though the Internet is the fastest growing source for information, Newspapers are still very popular amongst the scholars, professionals, and the older generation. In this essay we will review three local NYC Newspaper (New York Amsterdam News, El Especialito, and The Wall Street Journal) to see who is there target consumers and how they cover their news.
New York Amsterdam News is a weekly NYC newspaper that primarily caters to the African American community, “The Black View.” From glancing through the newspaper and reading some of the articles it is completely focused on African Americans news both locally and around the world. It has its standards section to inform its readers about international, state, local, and sports news amongst many others. It was very interesting to see that they cover international news, such as events in Syria, and Caribbean news separately. For Caribbean news they really focus on Black populated countries, like the article discussing the fuel war going on in Trinidad. Two other sections that really caught my attention because it is not often seen in newspapers are a religion and spiritual section, and a separate newspaper within AMNews called “Public School Press.” In a general sense I think it’s a safe to say that African Americans are very spiritual, so it made sense when I saw this section in the AMNews. Before reading through the article I believed this section would more about their gods and beliefs; surprisingly it was more subtle than I thought. One of the articles was about a local couple’s wedding but barely touched on the subjects of values, morals and beliefs. Public School Press is a very short separate newspaper within AMNews. It discusses different issues as well as African American student and staff achievements in elementary, middle, and high schools in the city. All in all, I think that Amsterdam News has an overall on the empowerment of African Americans. The majority of the articles are celebrating the success of their people in all different settings including business, politics, education, and the arts. It celebrates and lifts up their whole community.
Very contrasting from the Amsterdam News we have a daily, New York based, international newspaper, The Wall Street Journal. WSJ is one of the largest circulating newspapers, which emphasizes on business and economics. Right of the bat you can see a huge difference in the construction of the newspapers. As opposed to the AMNews, WSJ is of broken up into separate, individual sub-newspapers. The first part is a more general section that focuses on different issues in both the United States and international affairs. Here you can find the major issues talked about in the majority of the newspaper no matter whom the audience is. Some of the major topics going on today, that a couple of the articles focused on, are the growing support for the U.S led campaign against Islamic state and other articles covering the situation there. If you want to read about major news you can go straight to this sub-newspaper. For the ones interested in more local news the following sub-newspaper, “Greater New York,” as the title tells us focuses on what’s going on in our beloved city and the surrounding states. In this section I was able to read an article about the opinion of the residents of Iowa and their uncertainty of supporting Hilary Clinton if she runs for president. Although, all of the sections have different articles on business and economics, which is the purpose of the entire newspaper, the third section is solely on “Business and Finance.” There is a huge range of articles that touch on different topics from corporate news, to market, and stocks, the perfect section for an economics and business junky. Of course, for those of us who enjoy the more cultural articles in newspapers there are two entire sections focused on “Reviews,” arts, and everyday living, the latter found in the “Off Duty” section. In terms of audience I definitely believed it is more for scholars and professionals. The writing style is not very hard to follow but I give credit to the writers and editors because the articles are well formatted and sound very professional and unbiased on any given topic.
The last newspaper we are going to review, El Especialito, completely shocked me. Firstly, it is a Bronx based newspaper written in Spanish, so of course its target audience is Hispanics and Latinos. The amount of ads in this newspaper was astonishing to me. Clearly the majority of the funds for this paper are literally printed on every single page, sometimes even taking full pages just for ads. In regards to the content of the newspaper it was purely filled with lifestyle and pop culture articles. You can find anything from beauty and style tips to advice on how to raise you children. Not one article touched based on major issues going in the world, the country, or even the borough in which it’s printed. There was one short article, towards the end of the newspaper that talked about the current elections going on. I think this newspaper can be compared more to a magazine than an actual newspaper in terms on content. When a person picks up a newspaper generally they are trying to read news about what’s going on around them and in the world. The articles that it did have were very short and very biased, and focused on a superficial and materialistic society. Even the AMNews, which I believed would be the most narrowed view of the newspaper had a wider, range of articles that didn’t just focus on lifestyle. As a whole the newspaper is not very cultured.
We have now reviewed three completely contrasting newspaper formatted to capture different readers’ attentions. Between these three AMNews seems to be the middle ground between the very strict businesses focused The Wall Street Journal, and the more lenient El Especialito. One thing that I noticed is that as the price of the newspaper decreases there is a negative relationship, and the number of ads increases, as we can see with the free newspaper El Especialito. Also, more renowned newspapers such as WSJ will be richer in content and is more relevant to the news today.
No matter your taste in topic, there will be a newspaper out there to satisfy your craving. Of course some will have more validity than others and reach larger audiences, but every newspaper has its target audience for whom they write their articles for; and if the one that you desire is not in your reach you can always find your news from many different media sources such as TV or the internet.

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Mergime Haxha Assignment 1 (Essay)

Throughout time newspapers have served a very important role to society as an easy way to inform local people of what is occurring within their area as well as around the world. Keeping people informed on what is going on locally, regionally, and internationally is what keeps everyone aware of what is going on not only around them immediately but also throughout the world. Every newspaper has their own audience who they are delivering the news too. It’s the most convenient way of learning about what is going on in our world today and outside the United States. Newspapers are easily transported and convenient to buy at a small price and can be purchased almost anywhere. Newspapers, though, don’t just benefit the local people but also businesses. They are also very significant to business, commerce, and trade by promoting them within the newspaper, such as through advertisements. Many different newspapers can have a focus on different things, such as some writing about international, national, or local news.

The New York Times is an example of a very popular daily newspaper in New York that keeps citizens informed. It has two editions, one being the U.S edition and the other being the international edition. This newspaper is convenient to buy at almost every drug store, convenience store, as well as supermarket, and many other places due to its popularity. The New York Times has a primary focus on local news of what is occurring within the tri-state area, with a secondary focus on national and international news. It also includes many articles on fashion, food & dining, real estate, technology, science, health and sports that mainly occur in New York. Due to New York’s large population and popularity, there is always something interesting going on. They have articles on a lot of different topics and this newspaper has a main focus on News and what is happening in the U.S. daily and internationally. Some people tend to choose reading the newspaper rather than watching the news (CNN, ABC, etc). Some feel that since these news articles are much more informative when reading them rather than watching the news and being interrupted by commercials. With newspapers you can read them when going to work, on the train, bus, at any time of the day.

The New York Times is considered a more local newspaper, though. An ethnic newspaper, such as The Jewish Journal, differs from The New York Times because they both centralize in two completely different areas as well as societies. Newspapers must keep in mind also what sells, and what sells is what appeals to different societies. The Jewish Journal is a weekly newspaper that puts an emphasis more on national Israeli news, not centralizing on primarily any one area such as how The New York Times will talk about different New York boroughs. The Jewish Journal has articles categories featuring news, opinions, culture, and blogs. Their secondary focus is local news as well as international news. The Jewish Journal does not include very much about sports or writing many entertainment sections such as Hollywood, this part playing in to what appeals more to their society and their people. The Jewish Journal delivers informative articles and what makes them a little different from other articles is they have a section for blogs. Articles that bloggers write and these can be on any given topic, its like a little bit of entertainment for this newspaper.

The Columbia Daily Spectator is also another ethnic newspaper that is printed daily in Morningside Heights in New York City. Similar to The Jewish Journal, The Columbia Spectator has more emphasis on national news rather than local news. Their categories included news, opinion, A&E (arts & entertainment), sports multimedia, spectrum, and the eye. Their sports and entertainment section covers nation-wide articles instead of having a small section and does not mention very much on local news. This, unlike The Jewish Journal, differs because of their society. To Colombians and younger New Yorkers, sports are a larger section because many follow up on them, creating greater sales for the newspaper company if they appeal to their society. Even though this newspaper has a section on reporting news they don’t emphasize as much in it, As would the New York Times. This makes Columbia Daily Spectator significant because how they report on sports is interesting and with their articles they include photos and they also report on some entertaining news.

As all newspapers write typically write about news, entertainment, and sports, what the two ethnic papers do differently from the New York Times is divide their paper sectionally. A large section with “News” labeled on top is not something you will find when you purchase and read The New York times because it is very straight forward. The New York Times is mostly all about news, not having larger sections about entertainment, culture, or sports, being primarily about news mentioned in New York and secondly a smaller section about what is occurring internationally. This keeps New Yorkers informed on what is going on if they don’t have quick access to the television all day. Some prefer to just read the newspaper and get informed by reading. It’s a great way to keep up with what is going on internationally as well. The New York Times does a great job on reporting about what is going on around the world and how it can affect us or not. The Jewish Journal is divided into sections that do not primarily focus on sports such as The Columbia Spectator, being a more reserved column for news, culture, and opinions of the people around the country. Sports is what they specialize in reporting on and it appeals to the younger generations that follow sports on a daily basis. It’s like a fashion magazine for women.

Newspapers around the world are influenced by the regions that they cover. Newspapers keep in mind what appeals to societies and the consumers they want to target in order to make sales, so they keep in mind what certain people want to read. Newspapers have a specific audience that they report to. To the Israeli people, their society is different such as that from New York’s, as well as New York’s being different than that of Colombia’s. These two ethnic papers cover mostly national news, while The New York Times, easily given away by the state’s title, covers what is going on within New York state mostly instead of the whole country. Different newspapers centralize on different subjects and topics, informing the people who purchase their newspapers about what appeals to their societies.



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