News is only as valuable as society deems it. In order for a media outlet such as a newspaper to be successful it must speak to its audience in a meaningful manner. Newspapers face an even more difficult challenge, as they often have to find a balance between varieties of different media sources. Furthermore they must to stick out amongst the competition to stay not only stay reputable, but in business.

The Washington Post is one of the United States’ most prized newspapers. Their extensive coverage has broken some of the biggest national and international stories ever. From Watergate to the NSA leaks their stories have made their mark on history. The publication covers a variety of relevant topics from politics and international news to sports and small town events.

All papers lean towards certain story ideas and this one is no different. The Washington Post’s strengths lie in hard news and politics whether it is local, national, or international news. Browsing through their front page you can see the top stories are on the Islamic State and the growing support for action against them, Iraq and United States relations, and the Ray Rice domestic violence incident. Also gracing the front page are smaller stories on wrongful seizures by the Police, an opinion piece also on the Ray rice incident, and news of Russia blocking international flights. All of these stories are very political (but isn’t everything?) and of course of significant to a general crowd.

Now being a paper located in our nation’s capitol politics will obviously play a big part. In the “national” section of the paper I counted 10 out of 40 articles having something to do with politics. Being the first week of the National Football League, you would think something besides Ray Rice might be in this section related to football. Not one story graced this page. In the local section the “story” hasn’t changed much.

Articles on murders, Michelle Obama and more shootings maintain a very eye opening experience for D.C. area readers. The paper is littered with stories of doom and gloom. Now news as a business is generally not pretty, as the old adage goes “bad news sells.” Though I felt like the post could use a little more variation in it’s promoted stories.


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Ray Rice Incident Monday, September 8th, 2014 no football this day

Abstract – Assig. #1 Part 1

In 2014, where technology has reach a level that no one in 15 years ago would have expected, everyone is paying so much attention to television or to their social media that everyone has forgotten about the importance of newspapers. In my opinion, newspapers is one of the most important news sources, even now in the technological era. They provide us specific and lots of information as well as varies of topics. The depth of the news are better, and it’s something that everyone has access to no matter what because is always there.

In our city, there are many newspapers. However, for this first assignment, I have decided to choose the most important one for the Italian community , “The Italian Tribune,” Latino newspaper “el Diario La Prensa” and very well known American newspaper, USA Today.

-El Diario La Prensa: Reason why I chose this newspaper was because is one of the most important one in the US for Latino community. It focuses a lot on local news, and it also includes top national news. It also brings the latest on International news, with whats going in Latin countries.

-The Italian Tribune: This newspaper only reports exclusively on the Italian community; everything revolving them will be on this newspaper. I chose this one because I like how this newspaper is printed here in the US. However, it doesn’t include much on the American culture, which is the reason why is so popular on the Italian community.

-USA Today: I chose this newspaper because although it’s not one of the oldest newspapers, it’s one of the most popular and respected ones in the US. The reason for why it has great response from its audience. Also, this newspaper covers National and International News.

I will be going into more details with our next assignment. Although each one of these newspapers is unique in their own way, it could learn few things from each other as well. They are the best for each different ethnic groups and deliver the best information in their perspective audience groups.

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Although considered to be a dying medium, newspapers, continue to enlighten billions of individuals every single day. People gravitate towards newspapers because of their aspects of relevancy, convenience, and wide array of information. There are thousands of newspapers in the world; and their sole mission is to connect relevant information to a pertinent audience.

Through thorough research, we come to conclude that newspapers often mirror the culture in which it’s content is directed. A newspaper such as USA Today; clones the ideology of the classic “united” American citizen. A person who frequently reads USA Today wants to keep up with the pulse of the whole nation.  An individual reading the Korean Times closely connects with the individualistic tendencies of the Korean culture. Most of the Korean Times articles are focused on achievements or failures of a specific individual. A newspaper such as the Brazilian Voice, is geared toward issues affecting the advancement of the Brazilian people; with critical topics like immigration, education, and family values. Therefore with these three different newspapers, I am able to formulate a conception as to why each newspaper exist through comparison and contradistinction.

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In a world where digital resources have virtuality taken over, newspapers are still finding ways to captivate the attention of their respective audiences. In New York City, there are countless newspapers in circulation at any given time that are catered towards many different types of people including newspapers about national issues, specific neighborhoods, nightlife, real estate, hobbies, and ethic groups. I will analyze the New York Times, the NY Carib News and the Italian Tribune and go into detail about the differences and similarities with their reporting and what they can learn from each other.

I chose to write about these three because they each cater towards a completely different audience. At first glance, the two ethnic newspapers publish stories that affect the corresponding ethnic community and the New York Times is a bit more inclusive and includes something for everyone. I believe all three newspapers can learn something from each other and I will be going into further detail in my full draft.


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Abstract and Bibliography

Assignment 1a



     Newspapers are a primary source of information into the global community. Since its beginning, newspapers have overcome many changes and a lot of challenges within the cyber era. It overcame the advent of the radio, the television and the revolution of the Internet. Newspapers are composed of a printed publication issued daily or weekly containing news, articles, advertisements, and correspondence. However, there is a variety of newspapers’ circulation according the community that it serves. For example, the United States has more than a thousand newspapers targeted to different audiences because of its multicultural population. The circulations include local newspapers, national and regional for different readers and demographic audiences. The publications consist of general news (local and international), political news, business news, regional news, entrainment news, group-oriented news (health, fashion, science, technology), crime reporting, and sensationalism. In contrast, most of these publications are differently edited, but all of them share the same principle, to inform a determined community. For this, I decided to analyze three different newspapers; La Repubblica, El Diario and the Daily News, newspapers that serve a demographic audience into the New York City community.







Broadcasting, Cable, The Internet and Beyond: An Introduction to Modern Electronic Media” 7th Edition  By: Joseph R. Dominick, Fritz Messere



while most newspapers follow a template similar to each other, including topics such as current events, editorials, and arts and leisure, there are also many differences that can be juxtaposed.  For example, on the topic of current events, one newspaper might report the news in a way that is intended to sway viewers towards their own idealogical beliefs.  Another newspaper may spend more time on sports or entertainment. In this essay, I will be comparing the similarities and differences between three newspapers: two ethnic newspapers and one mainstream newspaper. The newspapers that were used in my research include, the Irish echo, the Jewish press, and the New York Post. The research provided will give knowledge on what exactly is being circulated, and whether or not the information given is more opinion than news. Also, I will discuss ways in which these newspapers can learn from one another and ultimately be regarded as fair and balanced.









New York’s greater metropolitan area boasts a population with ethnicities from each continent, therefore being one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. This diversity is also present amongst print journalism outlets. Newspapers are the oldest and most known mediums for getting local, national and international news. Mainstream newspapers deem what becomes newsworthy for the general public, because of this not all events are deemed noteworthy. It makes the most sense for different cultural groupings to create newspapers that deal with issues and events pertaining to them specifically. 

Comparing mainstream newspapers with more cultural-specific newspapers to highlight the differences and similarities in wording, style, and choice of content within such journalistic genres as politics, sports, entertainment, editorial etc. Most cultural newspapers tend to focus on their cultural groups’ news within the area that they serve. As well because readership would not be as high as mainstream newspapers they’re news cycle is usually longer. 

Specifically comparing the mainstream paper The New York Post, The NY Carib News, and the Filipino Reporter and the differences in reporting on certain topics as well as what they choose to report on. The choice of these three newspapers is important because they serve very different cultural groups, and are different in terms of frequency of circulation, for example the Filipino Reporter is a weekly newspaper with an online presence, so is the NY CARIB News, but The New York Post is a daily newspaper with a website that is also updated daily. Also the articles that have been selected are the ones that made the front page of the website, to illustrate the difference in what cultural group deems important, The New York Post chose to an op-ed piece about their criticisms over Obama, where as The NY Carib News chose write about a Food Chain owned and frequented by people of Caribbean heritage. As well The Filipino Reporter chose to highlight a death within in their small community.

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Events that have occurred and tend to have a powerful or meaningful impact on society, can be reported in the form of a broadcast or a published report for everyone to see, read or hear.   News can be reported in different categories such as in the form of entertainment, sports, politics, business or just local news.  For newspapers, readers can find that certain events that were reported on one newspaper, was not published by another.  This can be due to the newspapers initial focus on specific subjects, in which the editors might feel to be more significant to its specific target audience.  Newspaper readers might notice a difference in editorial content or written style.  For example, one newspaper might emphasize its news more on business and the economy, such as The Wall Street Journal.  While another newspaper will focus more on political and international issues, and have great quality reporting material, such as the New York Times.



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Abstract- Draft

New York City is one of the most diverse cities across the world. Here you can find residents that come from the farthest and smallest cities ever imagined. Since it is compromised of mostly immigrants it is important for them to connect to what’s happening back in their home country. When we talk about diversity in NYC ethnicity is definitely a big part of it, but another great thing that separates all New Yorkers is their individuality. The great thing about media is that it is able to cater to all of these different ethnicities and individuals in the world.

Media has become a very powerful voice in all parts of the world. It’s ability to connect people and an event from different parts is astounding. With the use of the Internet, Television, and Print media there is a way to satisfy everyone. Even though the Internet is the fastest growing source for information, Newspapers are still very popular amongst the scholars, professionals, and the older generation. In this essay we will review three local NYC Newspaper (New York Amsterdam News, El Especialito, and The Wall Street Journal) to see who is there target consumers and how they cover their news.


News is essential in this world especially in a city like New York, which is famous for its diversity. Therefore, news can be read, seen and heard in almost every language, and everywhere you go. This has become possible due to the advance technology, such as the internet, television and the radio. However, newspapers has been around for a very long time now, and it is still in fact a major source people use to get their current news; national, international and local. For people that left their country of origin is very important to stay connected to what is happening back home. This is why newspapers from different cultures focus more on delivering news that are occurring specifically to their group. However, all newspapers including those of other ethnic groups, seem to follow the same editorial content; from their national, international and local news section. As well as their special sections, including Entertainment, sports, features, food, etc. Looking at the New York Times, El Diario La Prensa and The Jewish Post; we can determine so much. Such as what news are more important to them and in the way it affects them. I choose these newspapers in particular because every ethnic newspaper deliver news in different in different point of views, especially ethnic groups with major cultural differences.





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